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At Northumberland Hearing Centres Inc., we can help improve your hearing and your appreciation of all life’s precious sounds. Our goal is to help improve, and care for the hearing of all patients. We offer general hearing care services for individuals of all ages and can provide referrals for more complex hearing problems when necessary.

At Northumberland Hearing Centres Inc. you must be 100% satisfied with the fit, function, and appearance of your new hearing aid, or we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

We are committed to “Make Life Sound Better”.



doctor_iconWe would appreciate the opportunity to assess and provide recommendations for your patients who suffer from hearing loss or Tinnitus. We will send you a copy of your patient’s test results. To refer your patients who may suffer from hearing loss, simply fax us a referral or call us and we will schedule an appointment time for your patient.

If you are a physician, ENT or GP looking to add hearing testing/screening to your practice or if you would like more information about Northumberland Hearing Solutions and materials to help refer your patients…

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Bluetooth Clear Blue TV Listening System

Use with any audio device, TV, DVD, Stereo, Computer, Cell phone, iPod or iPad. It has acoustical integrity with stylish comfort. Will pair with any Bluetooth enabled device and allows hearing without distortion.

ConnectLine Microphone

ConnectLine Microphone – makes listening easier in places where one-to-one conversation might be very difficult or even impossible. The ConnectLine Microphone, which can be worn by your companion, connects wirelessly directly to your streamer.

Clarity D603 Amplified Cordless Phone

Clarity Power technology enables loud and clear conversation,
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"You know, walking into Northumberland Hearing for that important first consultation, you get the impression it exists just for you; nothing is rushed, everything is explained, all the options presented with professionalism - plus the reward at the end of it all of rejoining the world through enhanced hearing." - Graham Woods